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LP: Berlin Visions

Label: Diadem

Jahr: 1984



The Poison Is Working

Candy And The Golden Flies

CD: Dossiers

Label: Dossiers

Jahr: 1992


Angst + War

CD: Godfathers Of German Gothic

Label: Sub Terranean

Jahr: 1994



Don't Go Out Tonight

CD: Gothic Compilation Part I

Label: A.M. Music

Jahr: 1994



Edge Of Time

CD: Monochrome - A Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy

Label: Khazad-Dûm, SPV GmbH

Jahr: 1995



Vision Thing

CD: The Sounds Of New Hope

Label: Alice In...

Jahr: 1996


Desert House

CD: A Tribute To David Bowie: The Dark Side Of David Bowie

Label: Khazad-Dûm

Jahr: 1997


Holy Holy

CD: Ghostriders Of German Gothic - Vol. 1 

The Godfathers Return

Label: Schwarzrock

Jahr: 1998


Beyond The Pale

Prince Of Darkness

CD: The Independent Sound Of Berlin

Label: Red Herring Records

Jahr: 1999



New Religion

CD: Gothic Club Classics Volume 2

Label: Oblivion

Jahr: 2001


Angst + War

CD: Strobelights Vol.3

Label: Strobelight Records

Jahr: 2006



Prince Of Darkness

CD: Make It Dark In Here

Label: Raw Goth Insurrection

Jahr: 2011


Beyond The Pale



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